Fish species map layer

Species-Specific Insights At Your Fingertips

Level up your angling game and fish smarter with the Fish Species map layer. Seamlessly integrated into our digital maps, this detailed layer offers a visual guide to the ecosystems of over 100 freshwater fish.

Trout, Bass, and Beyond: Expand Your Shorelines

Designed for anglers with specific fish species in mind, this map layer is an indispensable part of your e-scouting toolkit. With it you can discover new fishing spots, target over 100 species, and adapt to seasonal shifts like a pro.

Fish habitats

Target By Species

The Fish Species map layer allows you to target specific species, identify productive rivers and lakes, adjust your technique based on current conditions, and diversify what you fish for on different bodies of water.

targeted fishing

Expand your horizons

Armed with detailed habitat map layers and environmental preferences, the Fish Species layer helps you venture beyond your usual spots to explore new waters, target different species, and add variety to your fishing experiences.

Adjust Your Approach

Our Fish Species map layer provides you with information on how fish move, feed, and behave throughout the year.

By understanding these seasonal variations, you can effectively target the right species in the right places at the right times, and increase your chances of yelling “fish on!”

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Experience a New Way to Fish

With tools for planning and execution and the resources to become a more self-reliant angler, onWater Fish puts the success of your fishing trip into your hands.

Points of interest

From local boat ramps, access points, and shops—onWater Fish equips you with all of the essentials you need to fish like a local wherever you go.


Take the hassle out of e-scouting with onWater Fish—the first app that streamlines all of your fishing resources into one easy-to-use interface.

Offline Maps & Private Waypoints

No matter where your next trip takes you, onWater Fish helps you stay connected to your fishing spots and navigate with ease, even off the grid.