American Rivers Announces Most Endangered Rivers List of 2024

onWater Team
April 16, 2024
7 min read

American Rivers Announces Most Endangered Rivers List of 2024

onWater Team
April 16, 2024
7 min read
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Time to get involved and protect the rivers we all enjoy. Because your favorite river for fishing near cannot advocate for itself, there comes a time when we must take some action to protect it for the present and the future. There a many ways to get involved in river protection and local conservation near you. Whether it is picking up trash, doing something small like conserving water in small tasks, or making a donation to a river conservation organization, we all must work together to protect our rivers.

If you need some help in learning about a river near you that is need of some conservation work or protecting, be sure to check out the newly released America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2024 by American Rivers.

From the American Rivers press release:

“All water is connected. We cannot allow pollution anywhere without risk to the rivers we rely on for our drinking water,” said Tom Kiernan, President and CEO of American Rivers. “Our leaders must hold polluters accountable and strengthen the Clean Water Act to safeguard our health and communities.”

“Before the Clean Water Act, rivers were so polluted that they caught on fire. We must not go backwards,” said Kiernan. “President Biden has proposed policies and funding that represent a real investment in our water, but we need Congress and those in Statehouses across the country to act. Our health and our future are directly linked to our rivers. America’s Most Endangered Rivers is a national call to action to defend the streams and rivers on which all life depends.”

Read more and take action today by supporting American Rivers or your favorite conservation organization such as Trout Unlimited, TRCP, and more.

This year's list includes the following rivers:

America’s Most Endangered Rivers® of 2024

#1: Rivers of New Mexico  
Threat: Loss of federal clean water protections  

#2: Big Sunflower and Yazoo Rivers (MS)
Threat: Yazoo Pumps project threatens wetlands  

#3: Duck River (TN)  
Threat: Excessive water use  

#4: Santa Cruz River (AZ, Mexico)  
Threat: Water scarcity, climate change  

#5 Little Pee Dee River (NC, SC)
Threat: Harmful development, highway construction  

#6 Farmington River (CT, MA)
Threat: Hydro dam  

#7: Trinity River (CA)  
Threat: Outdated water management  

#8: Kobuk River (AK)
Threat: Road construction, mining  

#9 Tijuana River (CA, Mexico)
Threat: Pollution  

#10: Blackwater River (WV)
Threat: Highway development  


About American Rivers

American Rivers is championing a national effort to protect and restore all rivers, from remote mountain streams to urban waterways. Healthy rivers provide people and nature with clean, abundant water and natural habitat. For 50 years, American Rivers staff, supporters, and partners have shared a common belief: Life Depends on RiversSM.  


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